KUKA is a leading supplier of robotic components for medical devices. It is the only global robotics company with an entire business unit dedicated to medical robotics. With more than two decades of experience in medical robotics, our team offers services in development, sales, quality assurance and support, combining expertise in robotics and medical technology. KUKA robots are being used more frequently in healthcare by our medical technology partners in their medical devices because of their versatility. The applications vary from diagnostics to therapy. KUKA’s broad product portfolio allows medical device companies to choose from a variety of robots, from collaborative, specially-certified robots for integration into medical products to robots with heavy payloads for carrying heavy medical equipment.

LBR Med Users Group Meeting
28th June, 11:00 – 12:30

  • LBR Med & Sunrise.OS Med Product Overview, Katarzyna Szopinska
  • Overview of the SW architecture, Daniel Knott & Tobias Reichl
  • Improvements and new features available with the latest version, Daniel Knott & Tobias Reichl
    • Increased stiffness
    • Improved handguiding
    • Libraries for offline planning of collision free paths
    • Absolute accuracy
  • Roadmap Wishlist – Feedback & Ideas, Katarzyna Szopinska

LBR Med Hands On Demo
28th June, 15:30-17:00

  • Hands-on demo, Daniel Knott & Tobias Reichl
    • presenting some of the features that are not already shown by the demonstrator
    • answering additional questions directly on the system

Speaker Profiles

Daniel Knott

  • 2012 Degree in Physics, University of Würzburg
  • 2012-2013 Ion Beam Physics Researcher, Wellington/NZ
  • 2014-2017 Software Developer in Computer Vision, Munich area
  • 2017-now KUKA, currently Product Owner Hardware Medical Cobots
Dr. Tobias Reichl

  • 2007 Degree in Computer Science, TU München
  • 2008-2012 PhD about surgical navigation systems & robotics, TU München
  • 2012-now KUKA, currently Manager Software Medical Robotics
Katarzyna Szopinska

  • 2016 Master’s Degree in Medical Engineering, TU München
  • 2016 Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
  • 2017 – 2019 Mechanical Engineer Medical Robotics, KUKA
  • 2019 – now Portfolio Manager Medical Robotics, KUKA





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