The world of robots fascinates me so robotics is my prime area of research. Even though I am keen on every aspects of robotics, my current research interests are mainly focused on dexterous robot hand and tactile sensors for specialised applications. This together with intelligent interfaces can be used for variety of end-user applications. This is intended to relieve operators from monotonous and potentially hazardous working environments for safety and security. A showcase to this is the development of a multi-fingered robotic hand for Atomic Weapons Establishment of Ministry of Defence.

Recently my research is directed towards robotics for medical applications and with the Global Research Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Collaboration Development Award from Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, I am conducting research with experts from the University of Delaware (USA). I also work with local hospitals in Bournemouth, Poole and Salisbury on medical device development for patient benefit. I enjoy teaching design related engineering subjects with aspects of mechatronic devices offering an appreciation of the emerging technologies and innovative ideas. I serve on the conference organisation committees of the ASME (Mechanism & Robotics) and the IEEE (Rehabilitation Robotics).