Rich Mahoney has joined Intuitive as Vice President of Research.  Rich has more than 30 years of experience managing early-stage robotics technology to commercial viability for healthcare, consumer, and industrial markets.

He has successfully led or advised teams in developing and launching a number of different products in the technology and healthcare industries during his career. He has deep knowledge and experience with IP management and licensing, and the commercialization of products and services.

Rich was most recently the CEO and Founder of Seismic, a spin-off venture from SRI International, which introduced Powered Clothing, a fusion of clothing and robotics that physically augments power and strength to core muscles of the body to enhance mobility. He spent five years leading the development of the initial product platform and market entry strategy and will continue to support Seismic as an advisor. Before that, Rich served as Executive Director of SRI Robotics for more than seven years. He was the Founding President of Silicon Valley Robotics and grew the program to the largest at SRI. A significant portion of that team is now spread across Silicon Valley, supporting more than a dozen early-stage robotics ventures.

Rich received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Drexel University in Pennsylvania. He earned his Ph.D. in engineering at the University of Cambridge in England, where he attended on a Fulbright Scholarship.

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