of March 2014, he is Professor of Healthcare Technology at Loughborough University, UK, in the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering (MEME), where he leads the Wearable BioRobotics Research Team. He is also a key member of the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine – East Midlands, Loughborough, United Kingdom, and he continues working with Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, as Visiting Professor of Robotics.

Scientific Interest

Among social infrastructure technologies, Robot technology is expected to play an important role in solving the problems of both decrease of birth rate and increase of elderly people in the 21st century. The observation and the analysis of the human being, an extreme and exquisite example of robotic system, could lead to the clarification of the simplexity-based mechanisms underlying human’s control of their bodies. This, in turn, will be an extremely important and helpful tool for the aging society in order to realize better health-care systems, human-support devices, teleoperation methods, and so on.