Mr. Hadomi served as the CEO of Mazor Robotics (MZOR – NASDAQ, TAS) and a member the Company’s Board of Directors from January 2003 – December 2018.

Under Mr. Hadomi’s leadership, Mazor developed a concept from the Robotics Laboratory of the Technion into the multi-disciplinary core technology which drives Mazor’s robotic guidance systems. On the commercial side, Mr. Hadomi generated industry partnerships and strategic relations that have established Mazor as the leader in the field of surgical robotics including strategic agreements with Medtronic, Inc in 2016. With hundreds of installations around the globe, Mazor’s systems have been used for thousands of patients in a wide spectrum of spine surgeries to precisely place nearly a quarter of a million of implants.

In December 2018, Medtronic acquired Mazor Robotics for USD1.64B. Following the acquisition, Ori joined Medtronic as VP New Business Development & Partnerships, driving RTG and global corporate strategic initiatives.

Previously, Mr. Hadomi served as the CFO and VP BD of DenX Medical Systems, a company focused on image guidance for dental applications that was taken public on the Australian Stock Exchange. Additionally, he was the founder and CEO of 6D advanced motion tracking technologies,  that was merged into DenX. Mr. Hadomi’s academic background includes a B.A. in chemistry with a minor in economics and an M.Sc. in industrial chemistry and business administration, both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Mr. Hadomi’s M.Sc. Thesis focused on organizational behavior related topics. He is also a graduate of Organizational Consultation & Development Program: A Psychoanalytic – Systemic Approach (Tavistok)