James Kinross is a Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery and a Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College London. His clinical interest is in robotic surgery for colorectal cancer. He was an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Surgery and an Ethicon Laparoscopic Fellow in Colorectal Surgery. He was awarded a Royal College of Surgeons of England training fellowship during his PhD and he was funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences as an early stage lecturer. He is a visiting Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. He is currently funded by CRUK, DASA, Horizon 2020 and the EPSRC. He performs translational research into a diverse set of research themes such as digital surgery, robotics, computational and systems biology in surgery and the gut microbiome. He is also funded by the NIHR to perform intra-operative mass spectrometry (known as Real-time Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry or REIMS) for improving precision in the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer.