He has collaborated with several industries, specifically on the design and fabrication of mechatronic systems for digital control of robotic platforms. He was involved in the design and implementation of miniaturized digital hardware for digital control of multi-linked and flexible robots and has been involved in several European FP7 Projects.

In 2013, he was awarded of the prestigious SAGES Foundation Felicien M Steichen Surgical Innovation Award, at the SAGES Congress in Baltimore, USA, and in 2016 awarded a prize for the CARPE oral presentation in the Emerging Technology session during the SAGES, Congress in Boston, USA.

More recently, he was invited as a Keynote speaker in the Scientific session – Innovative devices – at the Annual EAES Congress in Amsterdam in June 2016, and the scientific session of SAGES Congress in Seattle in April 2018.

His main research is focused on designs for medical mini robot for screening endoscopy for common cancers of the GI tract and mini robots for surgical operations based on using smart materials for flexible and compliant mechanism (i.e. shape memory alloys, SMAs).