My research interests include wearable technologies, robot hands, hand exoskeletons, robot kinematics and haptics and bio-inspired robotics. I am especially interested in applications of robotics in surgery, preventative medicine, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and dexterous tele-operation.

Current projects

ARTEMIS (Advanced RoboTic brEeast exaMination Intelligent System)

funded by CRUK, kick off: 04/2020, in partnership with Imperial College London and the University of Lincoln

Development of robotic palpation sensors for breast lump early detection, using soft materials and haptic technologies.

Robotic Prostate cancer diagnosis/treatment

collaboration with Bristol Urological Institute

Modelling and develoment of robotic tools and simulator for biopsy and treatment of prostate cancer (for Brachytherapy and LATP – local anaesthetic transperineal biopsy).