Digital Twins are virtual replicas of physical systems that allow their behaviours and responses to be simulated in a digital version of the environment for decision-making. The integration of digital twins and medical robotics has the great potential to revolutionise medical treatments by providing personalised, accurate, and predictive solutions. This workshop will explore the development and application of the burgeoning field of Digital Twins in various medical fields, such as diagnostics, drug delivery, surgery, and patient monitoring, as well as for disorders in various organs, such as the brain, heart, blood vessels, and skin.

We will invite engineers, clinicians, researchers, and students working on mathematical modelling, medical robotics, and digital health to join us. The participants will showcase their cutting-edge computational methods, models, robotics algorithms, and clinical cases, and discuss outstanding problems. We will debate how these digital counterparts can advance our understanding of complex biological systems, predict disease progression, optimise treatment plans, and tackle unsolved challenges.


The programme will be posted in May 2024.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the latest advances, challenges, and future directions in developing digital twins for robotassisted medical treatments.
  • Gain new insights into the integration of digital twins and medical robotics to maximise treatment efficiency and efficacy.
  • Identify the key gaps in collaboration between mathematicians, engineers, and clinicians for the implementation of Digital twins in medical treatments.

Full Day Workshop (09:00 – 17:00)


This workshop is accredited for 6 CPD points.