I graduated as informatic engineer at the Politecnico di Milano in 2003 and I have participated since the beginning of its history in the design and development of the TransEnterix Senhance robotic System, formerly known as ALF-X (owned by SOFAR S.p.A., before the acquisition from TransEnterix).

Expert in automation, industrial automation and robotics, as per my education and background, I then focused my attention and studies to the medical robotics field, for the minimally invasive surgery in particular. In the long and exciting journey that brought from a mock-up in a lab of the Politecnico di Milano, passing through some proof of concepts and prototypes at the JRC of the European Commission in Ispra (Varese), to the currently available on the market product, I faced a lot of various and different aspects of the project, working for the JRC, SOFAR and then TransEnterix, now Asensus. In the past years, I also started to interface with the surgeons and the OR Teams, developing a deep knowledge of the medical and surgical field. After having managed the SW Development and the Instruments Development Teams, I focused my attention on the laparoscopic instruments integration business and strategic field and I worked to reduce the distance between R&D and field. That naturally brought me to move from R&D to Upstream Marketing, where, as Product Manager and through my deep knowledge of the System, I lead product strategy and launches, driving System adoption and filling the gap between field and the Company, between the surgeons and R&D.

I am now in a brand new Surgical Innovation role, mainly focused on BD and strategy, innovation and on new opportunities.

All of this with the final goal to digitize the interface between the surgeon and the patient, to improve minimally invasive surgery through a new category of care called “Performance Guided Surgery”.