Community: I believe in supporting and growing the medical engineering community. I serve as engineering representative to the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Surgical MedTech Cooperative where I work closely with healthcare professionals and industry partners on the development of medical devices. I am a board member of the IMechE Biomedical Engineering Division (BmED) where I coordinate the two-yearly IMechE ‘Incontinence: Engineering Challenge’ conference and the regional Leeds BmED centre.

My career has been shaped by a medical engineering PhD in which I developed the control system for a stroke rehabilitation robot. Working with an inspiring group of engineers, healthcare professionals and patients to develop and evaluate the iPAM system founded my passion for working in healthcare technologies. I was subsequently awarded a ‘Senior Translational Research Fellowship’ in Surgical Technologies in 2010, working to develop our multidisciplinary research group. I then progressed to my current academic role in 2015 where I have worked to develop my research and link this with my teaching and professional responsibilities.