George Murgatroyd is Vice President and General Manager of Digital Technologies at Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical technology companies. He previously served as VP and GM of Digital Surgery, and VP of Product at Touch Surgery, the world pioneer in surgical data, visualisation and AI, prior to its acquisition by Medtronic, becoming part of its robotics division.

George was Managing Director of Dr Foster, a leading healthcare data science, analytics and software firm. Whilst at Dr Foster, Telstra acquired the company, becoming part of a global digital health tech group.

George was also part of the founding team of the eMBED Health Consortium, a major healthcare support collaborative, providing services to over 50 healthcare organisations in the UK.

George has worked in the political, educational and charitable sectors, as well as for the NHS and the General Medical Council. He founded the Evidence and Ideas Lab, a think tank and data bank, supporting 200 business schools worldwide. He has undertaken product development in over 30 countries.

His Ph.D is from Lancaster University in the UK, which included scholarships to Yale University, Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania. His healthcare and educational research has been widely published, and presented globally.