Jose Alonso Solis-Lemus is a post-doctoral research associate at King’s College London, working in the Cardiac Electro-Mechanics Research Group (CEMRG). Jose Alonso completed a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from City, University of London, in collaboration with the Randall Centre for Cell & Molecular Biophysics at Kings College London, where he investigated the segmentation and shape tracking of overlapping macrophages in fluorescent microscopy images.
The focus of Jose Alonso’s research is on developing image processing and computer vision algorithms for the analysis of cardiac images. He is the main developer of the CemrgApp platform, the open-source platform for cardiovascular research developed at CEMRG. Jose Alonso has been involved in various research projects related to cardiovascular research, most notably, a reproducibility study on model creation of patient-specific left atrial models.

Workshop Speaker: Open Source Software for Surgical Technologies
CemrgApp: A Sustainable and Accessible Platform for Cardiovascular Research

CemrgApp is an open-source platform with custom image processing, computer vision and model creating tools for applying statistical, machine learning, and simulation approaches to cardiovascular data. In this talk, the software and the reason for its creation will be presented. The steps taken to ensure the sustainability of the software and guarantee its long-term support will also be discussed.
The practical implications of our approach to software development will be highlighted in the description of a reproducibility study recently published. In it, the implications of operator decisions in model prediction were addressed in the context of the evolving regulatory landscape around computational models of the heart. Overall, this talk will demonstrate how CemrgApp is a sustainable and accessible platform for cardiovascular research, with potential implications for a range of industrial and clinical applications.