The goal of this workshop is to understand the process and challenges involved in taking a computer aided (CAI) or a Mixed Reality (MR) solution for medical robotics from the research stage to a product. Mostly, CAI/MR research has to address multiple challenges simultaneously, such as, tracking and registration, perception and evaluation. Additionally, taking the product to market requires additional regulatory and proprietary procedures.

This workshop will bring perspectives from different domains and experts, such as, academia, industry, and clinicians to share their past and current experiences with CAI/MR research and products for medical robotics. We aim to shed light on key issues, namely, identifying a problem, scalability of the solutions, regulatory issues, academia and industrial collaborations and non-disclosure agreements etc..

With the goal of presenting the information to the audience in a systematic manner, we plan to structure the program in three stages, which are, keynote talks, oral presentations and a panel discussion. Keynote speeches will be from experts who have significant experience with CAI/MR products for medical robotics, in both academia and industry. Through these talks we will understand different aspects of the CAI/MR product cycle, challenges, and solutions, in detail. The short oral presentations will be from personnel whose algorithms/research is part of a product. The goal here is to understand the evolution of an algorithm into a product. This format will have an open call for submissions. We hope to attract researchers and managers from start-ups, industry and academia. The open call will be advertised in our circles and through online the mailing lists. Lastly, the moderated panel discussion will engage experts around the previously mentioned topics, such as, scalability and generalisation of solutions, evaluation and regulatory procedures and will try to understand these problems from different angles.


08:30Registration & Coffee
09:00Opening: Welcome & Introduction
Keynote 1
09:05Creating a new era of cloud connected endoscopyPatrick Bandao
Keynote 2
09:50Industrial automation to surgical interventions – challenges in bringing medical robotics to patientsCyrill von Tiesenhausen, B.Braun New Ventures GmbH.
10:30Coffee Break
Keynote 3
11:00The Intuitive Console - Mixed Reality Adoption and Innovation
din Vision
Rich Mahoney
11:40Panel and Q&ADigital Solutions for Medical Robotics:Opportunities, Challenges and Future

Imanol Luengo: Director AI, Digital Surgery, Medtronic
Duygu Sarikaya: Lecturer, School of Computing, University of Leeds, UK
Stamatia Giannarou, Imperial College London

Do you have any questions you would like to ask the panelists? Submit them here.
12:30Lunch Break

Learning Outcomes

Our target audience is early and late-stage researchers and managers, from academia and industry, clinicians, start-ups and anyone else who is interested in the topic.

  • The audience will understand the key steps, challenges and potential solutions involved in the product life cycle of a CAI/MR product in academia and industry.
  • The workshop will help the audience to see the scope of MR/CAI in the current medical robotics systems.

The audience will also get insights on:

  • how to identify a potential opportunity for CAI/MR in medical robotics
  • how the evolution of an algorithm that is suitable for a medical product looks like
  • The scope and potential of industrial and academic collaborations.


Dr. Qi Dou, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Dr. Benjamin Busam, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Mr Tobias Czempiel (PhD Student) Technical University of Munich, Germany
Ms. Megha Kalia (PhD Student) The University of British Columbia, Canada


This workshop is accredited for 3 CPD points.






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09:00 – 12:30