This workshop will bring together emerging solutions in three cutting-edge research fields of soft robotics, advanced biomaterials, and clinical translational science to discuss their combined potential to shape solutions for unmet challenges related to mobility/motility disorders. Soft Robotics employs compliant materials and intelligent morphologies to develop adaptable and safer robotic technologies; Advanced Biomaterials, including those with regenerative potential, explore the application of conventional and novel materials to restore structure and function; Clinical Translational Science provides vision, clinical and patient focus, and pathways to really impact healthcare. These technologies, when combined, could lead to disruptive solutions that are efficient, effective, personalized and adaptive, as well as generate new technology industry.

The workshop will include diverse interdisciplinary talks to deliver an overview of the state-of-the-art in these three areas, followed by discussions of the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating them to deliver novel healthcare soft robotics technologies, at discovery, prototype and clinical levels. The presentations will range from smart, multifunctional materials for actuators and housings, implanted biological environment, relevant preclinical models, and optimised actuation and robotic solutions.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for leading experts in these fields to come together and share their knowledge and ideas on how best to unlock future potential. This workshop also showcases the strategic establishment of a multidisciplinary, EPSRC-funded, research Platform curated by three world leaders in the key disciplines, but run and energised by the post-doc researchers it supports. It is accelerating the development of a national community of researchers focusing on this convergent field. We will build on the outputs of this Workshop through a targeted UK conference in September 2023. The focus of this workshop will be of significant interest to those researchers attending the Hamlyn Symposium with an interest in the future of the technology-human interface.


13:30Opening: Welcome & Introduction
13:35Soft Self-aware Implants and Programmable Stents for the Gastro-intestinal tractDr Dana Damian
14:00The Artificial Muscle Center: a success among many innovative applications of electromagnetism in microtechnologyProf Yves Perriard
14:30Soft Robotics in Healthcare: a Clinician-Scientist's PerspectiveProf. Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Clinical challenges that robotic solutions will face in real life patientsProf. Marcus Drake
16:00Soft protection for active neural implantsDr Henry Lancashire
16:30Panel discussion chaired by Prof Martin Birchall
16:55Closing RemarksProf Martin Birchall

Learning Outcomes 

The participants will learn about recent cutting-edge technologies developed in the three fields of soft robotics, advanced biomaterials, and clinical translational science. They will identify the key challenges and opportunities for soft robotic cross-over approaches when designed to address the outstanding and imminent issues in healthcare. Attendees will learn from diverse research communities who have a similar research goal but employ diverse solutions.

Through this workshop, they will receive an opportunity to present their findings and exchange ideas for translational approaches at the intersection of these three research areas and discuss potential pathways for high-impact health solutions. The speakers will also discuss the potential health applications of this cross-cutting research and potential strategies for integrating their findings to address medical needs. They will also Identify ethical considerations to translate their research from the laboratory to manufacturing, clinic and marketplace.


Dr. Majid Taghavi, Imperial College London
Dr. Nazia Mehrban, University of Bath
Dr. Alexander Keller, University of Bristol
Eleftheria Lliadou, University of Athens


This workshop is accredited for 3 CPD points.






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13:30 – 17:00