Digital adoption has had a slow and faltering start in medicine, however a new generation of AI/ML based products from start-ups to multinational medical device companies are pioneering business models that go beyond “Data is the new oil” thinking. In this talk, we make a comparison between incumbent and forward looking digital adoption strategies based on our experiences in digital medical device development, digital transformation across multiple industries, and large scale survey data in order to illustrate the threats and long term benefits from this new approach to delivering healthcare.

​​​Joe Corrigan, Head of Intelligent Healthcare, Cambridge Consultants
Joe is head of Intelligent Healthcare at Cambridge Consultants, responsible for digital platforms and AI in medicine. He has 25 years experience in R&D, helping clinical researchers and businesses identify value in their data. He is named inventor on 13 patent families and started two VC backed data companies in cardiovascular biomarkers and machine learning including a leading valuations fintech.

12:45 - 13:45, Drayson Room